Our Story

Quality measures excellence. Therefore, Quality is the key ingredient to our formula for success. When we say, "Quality is our first name", it means, when Quality comes first, a successfully produced product inevitably follows.

Quality Over Quantity Productions was conceived in the Avid, Post Production, Student Lab, at American InterContinental University in Atlanta by 31 year old, first time college student, Jerry D. Smith, Sr., a Folkston, Georgia Native. He began developing his freelance videography skills by studying Media Production at AIU. As the quality of his work began to improve and as he continued to study and learn, "Quality" became a commodity which caused his work to stand out. The name, Quality Over Quantity came out of several conversations with fellow students in discussions about how to produce nice looking projects. The slogan, "where Quality is our first name", only exists because the first template, used to create a business card, had a placeholder for a slogan but it is literally a true statement.